Muslamic Makers: Podcasting – The Rise of of Voices Unheard – 23/10/18

Attending the Muslamic Makers event was very beneficial for me gaining inspiration for my ideas of this project. I was able to meet new people whom I discussed my project with which allowed me to have feedback and ideas to help me expand on my research. I also filmed as a videographer for the event which also gave me the technical experience of recording live events and working with sound.


The event had three guest speakers; Mahmoudat Sanni-Oba, Zubair, and Abadesi Osunsade who spoke about their experiences of podcasting on different issues that are based on today’s society. The talk also discussed on tips to starting a podcast and how it has recently become a rapid growth in audiences. Although my project is going to be focusing on visuals rather than just sound, I gained a lot of knowledge about podcasting which I am able to still apply on documentary making.




After the talk, I spoke to Zubair who is the creator of the ‘Book of Zu’ podcasts which focuses on raw topics such as Grenfell fire, colourism and anti-blackness in the Maghrebi community, self-love, self confidence, and the lack of sex education in the Muslim community. Zubair was very supportive to my ideas and gave some insightful advice:

  • Focus on a specific topic within the issue of mental health in Muslim communities
  • Approach the people close to me such as family and friends and start off with trying to get them involved and then expanding on a bigger audience.
  • Look at the reasons why the older generation are more likely to ignore the issue/ or not be as aware about it. It is usually linked to how they were brought up and the environments arround them.
  • Have a listen to his podcast episode ‘Do you See me’ – episode 11

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