Reaching out

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan is a writer, spoken-word poet, speaker, and educator invested in unlearning the modalities of knowledge she has internalised, disrupting power relations, and interrogating narratives around race/ism, gender(ed oppression), Islamophobia, state violence, knowledge production and (de)coloniality.

I got in touch with Suhaiymah to share my ideas on my topic and to ask for her help by sharing her ideas towards my project. Suhaiymah was able to provide me with very valuable research, which I begin to research further into this blog.




Depression at Cambridge

Academic invalidation of Lived Experience

Iron-rod necks & blackberries

To do list:

  • Research Guilane Kinouani
  • Research into
  • Research Khidr Collective’s zines
  • Think about mental health from a racial point of view



Hamza Hussain

Hamza’s previous post was a tweet he posted on Instagram which is a very sensitive topic, especially as Islam does not agree with suicide. The following screenshots are from the comments of the discussion of Hamza’s post.



I decided to email Hamza to ask if he would be interested in being interviewed about his experiences of mental health. I feel that it would be important to gain an insight of a male’s perspective on this topic as it is something which is usually dismissed with men in general.








Faisal Nazir


Similarly to Hamza Hussain, Faisal is also a poet and writer who is known as ‘The Smiling Akh’. I also emailed him to ask if he was interested in speaking about his experiences.



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